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Welcome to the Quendale Mill

The Quendale Estate dates back to the 16th Century but it wasn’t until 1770 that the Grierson family acquired it and became the Lairds. The Mill was commisioned to be built in 1867 by the Grierson family and grinding began at the Mill the following year.Its primary purpose was to handle the grain for crofters from a very wide surrounding area. Most of the grinding was done in winter when there was plenty of water in the dam to drive the Mill’s machinery………

Quendale Mill 2019 Leaflet

Betty Mouats Sang by Claire White

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Quendale Waltz

Thanks to Amber Thomson for her visit and tunes

Opening Hours

Daily from 10.00am to 5.00pm


Open until 5pm on 13th Oct 2019 (and on request until 31st Oct)

13th April to 18th October 2020
Also open on request from 01 April to 31 October 2020

Admission charges

Adult: £4.00
Senior Citizen/Concessionary: £3.00
Children (12-16yrs): £1.00
Under 12's: Free

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